ICU Manual Doors


Our ICU/CCU manual slide door systems are available with a track or trackless, as a full breakout or fixed sidelite and the option of two, three, four or six panels to accommodate your specific design requirements. Offering large clear door openings for ease of transporting beds and medical equipment along with a self-closing option to allow the door to slide closed slowly after opening. An air infiltration package option to reduce the spread of germs is also available upon request.

Header Dimensions:

  • Standard = 4 ½”W X 4”H & 4 ½”W X 5”H
  • Telescopic = 6 3/8”W X 4”H


  • Single (2-Panel) & Bi-part (4-Panel)
  • 3-Panel or 6-Panel Telescopic
  • Trackless – full breakout or fixed sidelite
  • Track – full breakout

Standard Features:

  • Horizontal muntins
  • 4” bottom rails
  • Pull handles & recessed pulls
  • Vinyl seals


  • Air infiltration package
  • Self-closing
  • Positive latch

Standard Finishes:

  • Clear and dark bronze anodized


  • UL1784


Drawings & Specifications: