About Northeast Door Corporation

Northeast Door Corporation has been providing automatic door service and solutions to clients throughout New England since our inception in 1987.  Our main service area covers Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont.

Founded on the principle meeting the client’s door service needs is of primary importance, our goal is to provide customers with prompt, reliable and courteous service that pedestrian autometed doorsexceeds expectations.

We have accomplished this goal by ensuring all of our technicians receive the latest manufacturer training and obtain AAADM’s Certification.  This commitment assures you our technicians maintain the highest level of capability and expertise.  During our 25 year + history, we have earned an excellent reputation by offering exceptional response time, quality workmanship and innovative solutions at competitive pricing.

Northeast Door Corporation possesses the knowledge and expertise to coordinate and install automated pedestrian entrance systems on all type of construction projects, including the following:

In 1999, Northeast Door Corporation obtained the distributorship rights to the Gyro Tech/Nabco Entrances, Inc. automatic entrance systems product line.  Gyro Tech, located in Muskego, WI, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nabco, Ltd. of Japan, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automatic door systems..

As a result of this acquisition, Gyro Tech and Nabco have combined their engineering expertise in a collaborative effort to develop some of the world’s most sophisticated and reliable automatic door entrance systems.  Nabco, with 40 years’ experience, has long been considered a leader in the development of automatic door technology, and is a founding member of AAADM.

In 1971, Gyro Tech pioneered the transition from the cumbersome old hydraulics and pneumatic operators, to the new electro-mechanical operating systems being used in today’s marketplace.  Gyro Tech has been recognized throughout the automatic door industry for providing cutting-edge technology, superior service and quality products that meet the individual needs of their customers.

Nabco Entrances, Inc. superior quality automated pedestrian entrances include the following:

  • Automatic Sliding Doors

  • Manual ICU Sliding Doors

  • Automatic Swing Doors

  • Fire Door Packages

  • Bi-Fold Doors

  • Door Conversion Systems

The Northeast Door Corporation and Nabco Entrances, Inc., understand the importance of planning and coordinating with clients to ensure that we meet the design objective and scheduling deadlines of their projects.  Our combined experience and dedication enables us to smoothly and successfully complete our clients’ various construction projects.

Gyro Tech’s products are exclusively specified for the entrances in Disney World’s Epcot Center, Hobby Lobby, Trader Joe’s and Restaurant Depot.  Gyro Tech equipment has been approved in the construction specifications of companies such as Safeway, K-Mart, Sears and Wild Oats, as well as major airports and healthcare facilities around the world.

At Northeast Door Corporation we install and service quality for our customers. We’re even available for emergency service.