HD GT 1175 Whisper Slider

This extra tough version of the GT 1175 Whisper Slider has been engineered to support even the heaviest doors under high traffic conditions. The HD GT 1175 provides same “whisper like” operation and dependable performance as the original.


The HD GT 1175 is suitable for single and bi-parting door configurations to accommodate virtually any door opening. Controlled by a Universal Microprocessor, the HD GT 1175 provides consistent and reliable door operation, day-in and day-out. The microprocessor also provides important usage counts and diagnostic features for quick trouble shooting and reduced maintenance costs.

Product features:

  • Same exclusive features as the GT 1175 Whisper Slider
  • Heavy-duty capacity motor-gear box for heavier doors
  • Medium stile door panels for extra strength
  • Optional kick plates and leading edge guards on doors
  • Optional FRP-type doors available for clean room type applications
  • Fixed sidelite, full breakout or surface applied
  • Large openings available for fork lifts, motorized carts etc.