GT 1175 Telescopic Slider

Maximize door opening in a limited space. The GT 1175 Telescopic Slider provides an unprecedented 54 percent of door opening to frame width -that’s 25 percent more door opening than a standard bi-part slider.


This system combines space-saving versatility with the elegance of a large, clear door opening. plus, its durable, heavy-duty design is made to withstand demanding traffic conditions and the worst of weather.

Controlled by a Universal Microprocessor, the GT 1175 Telescopic design includes all the exclusive features of the GT 1175 Whisper Slider.

Product Features:

  • Gear driven with Urethane coated drive belt for wear ability and quiet “whisper” operation
  • Standard Acumotion sensing system for precise activation and threshold sensing
  • Standard full breakout – Options available for unique applications
  • Available in three panel single slide or six panel bi-parting configurations