Acusensor 1A

When your application calls for threshold detection, the Acusensor 1A system from Gyro Tech/NABCO ENTRANCES is truly unmatched. Acusensor 1A emits a large, rectangular detection pattern, unlike other sensors that provide elliptical coverage. The unit’s grid option can be easily adjusted for varied width and depth settings, depending on your particular coverage needs.


GT Activating Devices


All of the GT Activating Devices blend technologically-sound components with easy-to-use activating systems. Gyro Tech offers a wide variety of activating systems for all your automatic access requirements.

Product Features:

  • Complete line of activating devices, including key, wall and push-button switches
  • Radio controls
  • Designed for flexibility, durability and compatibility
  • Quick installation and easy maintenance

All Gyro Tech door packages carry a twenty-five year proven record of performance. Gyro Tech automatic entrance systems shall be guaranteed to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year in accordance with Gyro Tech’s Limited Warranty.

The Acusensor IA incorporates an advanced microprocessor that allows for exclusive activation programming and multiple sensitivity levels. These features help reduce false activation, thus prolonging the life of your door while conserving valuable energy.

The Acusensor IA is always on the job. The system offers full-time detection during opening and closing cycles, providing safe and reliable door operation 24-hours a day. Acusensor 1A is engineered to work with Gyro Tech slide, swing and folding doors. They can also be used with a variety of other applications and manufacturers’ equipment.

Product Features:

  • Rectangular detection pattern for maximum coverage
  • Works with all Gyro Tech equipment and can interface with other manufacturers’ equipment
  • Full-time detection with four levels of sensitivity
  • Mutual channels to eliminate potential interference
  • Low profile, tamper-resistant housing that is easy to maintain and service
  • Works well in all weather conditions