Acumotion Advanced Sensor System

Acumotion Advanced Sensor System provides a deeper detection area combined with superior threshold protection.

Acumotion combines two technologies for more effective pedestrian detection. Gyro Tech/NABCO’s state-of-the-art Microwave Motion Technology provides a wider protection zone against moving objects. Infrared Sensors detect both moving and stationary objects within the threshold area. Together they provide the deepest detection area available in a single presence sensing unit. Programmable settings allow you to optimize door performance to meet your particular needs. Unidirectional setting allows sensor to avoid detection of people or objects moving away from the entrance, so door closes sooner.

Typical Infrared Sensor
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A deeper detection area allows door
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Acumotions Microwave
Sensor detection area.page10pic5Active Reflective Infrared system provides complete threshold protection for both moving and stationary pedestrians. Bidirectional function detects departing pedestrians and holds door open until they are outside the detection area.

Unidirectional setting can be engaged to avoid detection of people or objects moving away from the door. The door will close sooner, making it an ideal energy-saving solution for vestibules.

Product Features:

  • Unique hybrid sensor, combining a microwave Doppler system and an active reflective infrared system, provides a deeper detection area
  • Programmable settings for depth of coverage, width of coverage, sensitivity and memory
  • Active reflective infrared system can detect both moving and stationary objects close to and within the threshold area
  • Bidirectional function protects pedestrians or objects moving away from the door
  • Unidirectional function can be employed for energy savings
  • Area Adjustment Mechanism allows fine-tuning on non-level surface
  • Four-Mode Mutual Interference Prevention function allows a maximum of four Acumotion sensors to be mounted closely to each other without sensor interference
  • K-band, 24.15 GHz Microwave doppler system